dStrategy has a wide variety of experience in the consulting and vision development worlds.  Here are a few types of interactions we have had with our clients:

  • Branding, imaging, initial business start up for an entrepreneur.
  • A relationship for healthcare consulting that has been in place for 8 years.  dStrategy assists a medical management team with various projects and vendor relationships.
  • A concierge and worker’s compensation case management company that dStrategy assists with marketing expertise in the Kansas City area.
  • Provide support for marketing, internet strategy and provider referral relationships to help grow business.
  • Assist in development of policy and procedures for use in the Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) with whom the client has contracts.
  • Build business to business relationships to increase referrals and sales.
  • Design a company business plan for building Mobile Applications for the government, businesses and consumers.
  • Build company vision and “branding” through logos, tag lines and marketing strategy.

DStrategy works with a wide variety of clients.

  • Healthcare Accountable Care Organizations who are starting up and need to establish alignments, policy, procedure, or care coordination establishment.
  • Small healthcare companies with a new product to launch
  • Specialty physicians looking to market themselves to their primary care peers
  • Large health plans who require strategic planning or assistance with a variety of business situations and opportunities
  • Healthcare companies looking for ways to impact growth and income

The DStrategy consultants can assist your company with the following general areas:

  • conduct organizational studies and evaluations,
  • assess the design of new systems and procedures and determine use options,
  • prepare informative manuals, policy, procedures, workflows and staff desk references
  • develop marketing plans and presentations for business to business interaction
  • assist with entrepreneurial ideas to generate actual product or services
  • web, apps and online strategy

Our goal is to assist healthcare organizations and hospitals to provide quality care and find new ways to collaborate with the consumer of health services and grow their companies. dStrategy’s success is due to our strong client base and search for new opportunities.  We love to help companies succeed and hope to make a difference in the world for a long time into the future!