Who are we?  

This is what people ask.
We would rather tell you what we are about…

We are our vision of being able to make a difference and truly change the world. To achieve this, the team and the drive are present in order for an undertaking to succeed. We are a transition of synergy with a grasp of not just today’s forecasts and technology innovations to use as marketing tools  the relationships between the beliefs of our clients and those who do business with them.  Our team is broad in order to bring clients the best opportunities for success.  Our passion is significant in a few areas that allow us to use our backgrounds to make a difference.

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in business consulting.  We focus on solving problems, finding new ways to interact in world of business and layout the specifics in plans, policies and training.  dStrategy thinks like this…

“From the time we were born we have been taught it will be “okay”. In today’s world the lack of reality is not “okay”. We have multiple generations, worldwide, without clear expectations of themselves or others. Their thoughts and needs have been distorted into a generation of entitlement and expectations. To give is to receive. Today, to be entitled or expected to receive without warrant is not reality. We are in the Age of Reality.

Your business might have the ability to influence change. We want to teach people an understanding that we need to face our fears, to accept the reality of the present and how to achieve success and prosperity in the future. This is an opportunity for your business to do your part to make it “okay” once again, an opportunity to bestow a vision of empowerment within your business that creates success, the ability to have a business where everyone can flourish, the Age of Engagement.

– Kevin Stock, Business Vision & Strategy  

With interest in creating innovative solutions in any business and a significant background in branding, design and marketing, dStrategy has become a leading edge strategist in business interactions that will enhance our clients future. Business today can change on a dime.  Success can be fleeting or stagnate.  We work to assess our clients desires large or small and find ways to help them to have an optimistic future.

Technology Innovation Consulting

dStrategy encourages the use of  the latest technology to reach clients and increase business. Creating value-added opportunities,” freemium” models and personal branding helps companies diminish stagnation and launch into the future with confidence. At the same time we develop the integrity and protection of the “brand” that will under go a new awareness by implementing database management or global messaging when appropriate.  We have team members whose expertise can assist clients to find the right ways for them to approach the Age of Reality.

Vision Implementation

While we can be visionaries and take risks in search of reward, we are also very practical. dStrategy believes that the best ideas are just that, ideas, unless you can put the plan in place and develop the structure to make the dream a reality.  Our team can help clients to write policy or procedures along with the development of business plans and vision statements.  We are well-rounded and believe there is no job too small if it will assist our clients in getting the job done and done right!

“The world of healthcare is described as unstable, confusing and launching into a new era.  Those who work in the field are as unsure as the consumers who need treatment. We see this as an opportunity to find new ways for the healthcare business sectors to discover new adventures and risk change in order to find success.”

 – Diane S. Soule, President & CEO